Life: A Shadowy Interpretation of Needs and Wants

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When you have a lazy eye people just assume you’re stupid. It drives me crazy.

can anyone else see air?

The shit I see throughout a day just gets more and more psychedelically interesting as each one unfolds. The slow descension into insanity isn’t always so unpleasant. It’s a beautiful kaleidoscope of dreams and horrors.

- Rob Free (aka Jailbird Free)

I’m listening to a commercial right now that’s telling me if kids (‘adults’ escaped their vocabulary) don’t pursue some career by going to college that they’re ruining their lives. Encouragement is one thing but that is fucking something else. I hope a lot of people agree.

I have one thousand followers? That’s pretty awesome you guys are a huge ego boost that I don’t deserve but thank you :)

Don’t you fucking hate what they do to artists these days? Does anybody fucking remember when an artist could be creative outside of a contract? Fucking big wig, money-making fucks turning a creatively awesome person into an exploitable tool. They are the essential Empire, dark side, bull-sith of our artistic world. Get the fuck off of these electronic devices and let’s fucking go somewhere and do something and see someone and drink something and smoke something. I’m too weak of a person to do it just by myself. Who’s with me?

- Rob Free (aka Jailbird Free)